Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Goodbye Full Tilt and PokerStars, Hello Bodog!

End of April Poker Update:

  • Well it will certainly be a birthday I will always remember! Black Friday April 15th when the Department of Injustice shut down Full Tilt and PokerStars. Still kind of surreal nearly 3 weeks later. So I can watch hard core porn with a horse, but I can't play poker with my friends and relatives, makes sense to me!
  • I've always been partial to Full Tilt, but I've got to give PokerStars credit. I put in for my cashout on 4/26, and it hit my bank account yesterday 5/2. Still waiting on the cashout option from FTP, where I've got over 10x the amount I has on PS.
  • Play money just doesn't cut it for me, unless I'm helping my sons learn the game. I had put $100 on Bodog before the NCAA tourney. It's very easy, as all you need is a Visa card! My sports betting was down to about $30 before UConn carried me back into triple figures. Poker is much easier than sports betting, and one of the things I like about Bodog is that you can use the same bankroll for both. I don't like Bodog's interface as well as FTP's, and the alert "beeps" to let you know it's your turn are annoying as all get out. No rakeback on Bodog these days, but they are friendly to new players with plenty of freerolls into their big Sunday tourney. Been having decent luck @ Sit & Go's while also playing PLO8 cash games.
  • Got my trip booked for Vegas and the WSOP last week of June. Got comped 4 nights @ the Rio, and the other 2 are reasonably priced. Gonna be railing my brother Sumo44 in his 1st WSOP event. I'm gonna play the Binions PLO8 on that Tue & hopefully parlay it into an enty in the WSOP event on Thur. Post a comment if you're gonna be there then & want to meet up.
Good Luck!


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