Sunday, November 01, 2009

End of October Poker Updates

October was the 1st losing month for me since starting the Ferguson challenge. I started the month with $243.21 and ended with $186.49. I think getting above $200 & playing $10 tourneys was what cost me. I didn't play close to the # as cash games in Oct that I did in Sept. As the old saying goes, "Ring games are for making $ and tourneys are for fun".

After 3 NCPC events I am still in 1st place, with a 4th place finish in October. 7 more events to go & the top 3 finishers win WSOP Prize packages.

I am currently 8th in the Goshen Poker League after the 1st 2 events in October.

I am currently reading Power Hold'em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu and Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen.

In addition to the WSOP on ESPN, I also watched 2M2MM. In the whole season I think they only talked poker stategy one time, so if they bring it back next year I hope there is more strategy discussion.