Friday, December 01, 2006

November Results

Ring Games: -289.05
Tourneys + S&G's: -51.98
Live: -46.00

Total: -387.03

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Congrats to Dave Neuman!

Congrats to one of my home game buddies, Dave Neuman, for finishing 3rd in a WSOP Circuit Event and earning $12,269 in the process!

Way to go Dave!!!

You can see all the details here:

I'm jealous, now he has his own page on Cardplayer & is ranked!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

October Results

October Results:

Ring Games: +95.15
S&G/Tourneys: +319.99
Live: +74.00
Total: +489.14

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

With Election Day just around the corner, remeber to vote against any member of congress who voted for the Internet Poker Prohibition attached to the Port Security Bill.

If your not sure how your local rep voted, The PPA has a list at

Click on "Poker Vote"

We need to respond en mass as poker players, to get this law changed.

Although to be honest the law doesn't affect the legality of playing.

First, we should all join if we can spare $20.

Second, you should vote against candidates that snuck this bill through in an unrelated port security bill, while cutting out rail and mass transit security measures that the senate had passed.

Third, if you can afford it, you should contribute to their opponents

Senator Kyl was probably the biggest sponsor of the legislation, his opponent is Jim Pederson,

Frist isn't running for reelection, but it would be great if his seat was won by the other party, Harold Ford is the candidate to support there.

Another good candidate for poker players to support is Loebsack, running against Jim Leach. Here's a quote from Loebsack: "While the 2nd District loses jobs, Jim Leach can think of nothing more important to do than focus on Internet gambling."

We're talking about securing the future of online poker. Voting out the people who were most responsible for passing the recent bill.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Hold'em Player's Guide to Table Etiquette

Special thanks to MJ (aka Bankhead) for this one:

Many new players feel intimidated by casino poker with its seemingly baffling rituals and pomp. Even the seasoned player will make the occasional faux pas, so a short refresher may be helpful to avoid looking like a "newbie" in your favorite cardroom.

Protecting your hand means just what you would expect: Cup your hands concealing the fact that you even have cards. Wait until the action passes you and the dealer turns the next card before calling out, "Hey, what about me?"

Having the button confers upon you an enormous positional advantage. Thus you will want to get the button as often as possible. If the button is to your immediate right or left, but the player in that position doesn't seem to be paying attention, simply slide the button in front of yourself.

Never post a blind until the dealer asks you for the second time. If the dealer forgets to ask, you are not required to pay. Often they make a mistake. Ask how much it is.

Players are often unsure when it is appropriate to ask for time. In general this is proper in any of the following conditions:You are first to act.You are last to act.It is your turn to act.You are looking at the menu.You are reading the Racing Form.

Chips should always be splashed into the closest side pot.

Always discuss all hands in play. If three deuces flop, loudly proclaim that no one can have quads because you folded the deuce. The other players will offer their sympathy and maybe even announce what they folded. This makes the game more interesting and is merely a courtesy to those no longer in the hand.

The best hand will want to build suspense by waiting until everyone else has shown. However the worst hand will also want to do likewise to avoid the embarrassment that comes from letting other players see what crummy cards he played. This tends to create a deadlock where no player is willing to show a hand. If this happens, simply reach out and sweep up the chips for yourself exclaiming, "Hey if no one else wants it.". Alternatively invoke the speed rule: The first person to show gets to take a chip out of the pot. The last to show is forced to throw one additional chip in.

is not only amusing, it is sometime vital in order to get a player with a better hand to muck his cards. You run the risk of being accused of "angling", so smooth things over by offering to give the pot to your opponent. Exception: If the pot is large, request the decision of the floorman - it cannot hurt.

Slacks class. That is why the expression "Nice Catch, sir!" was invented. Use this expression on every hand you lose even if the sir in question is female. If a person criticizes you, demand to know why "If they are so good, why are they playing low limit?" If you play 72off for the hell of it and flop a full house and some wiseguy starts spouting off, "Malmuth say..." or "Lee Jones says..." immediately cut them off and say, "statistics-shamistics, those guys are snobs and there is more to poker than mathematics." This is not only a clever thing to say it is also correct. Remember even Einstein who was poor at math, went on to discover matter or something and become fabulously wealthy.

Once consider a sign of immaturity, this is now the hallmark of the seasoned professional. New players however are often confused when it is appropriate to fling cards at the dealer. This is really a matter of taste but the rule of thumb is to do this whenever you have been dealt two consecutive bad starting hands. If you have pocket Aces cracked, flinging of the cards is automatic. Aim for the face. Flicking lit matches at the dealer is dangerous and is not advised.If the flop gives you the nut monster hand but no one calls, it is OK to fling the cards over the dealers head onto the neighboring table.Flinging cards at another player is a high variance play. He may be armed. It is safer to just fling your cards across the table in an attempt to foul his hand. If he protests, remind him that it is his responsibility to put a chip on his cards.

Although the floorman's decision is final, this rule is frequently misunderstood. What this really means is that the decision of the final floorman is final. If the first floorman does not side with you, do not give up until you have called over every floorman on that shift.

Request a color change when you have amassed exactly 101 chips. Immediately break down the big chip on the following hand. Ask the dealer for one of each color chip. Chip runners should only be used when the dealer has begun to ignore your requests. As a side note, it is OK to order food and drinks from the chip runner if there are no food servers or cocktail waitresses nearby.

Requesting a deck change cannot alter the laws of probability and only serves to slow the game down. Thus you should only ask for one if someone else is winning.

You are permitted breaks from the table for restroom visit, eating, or just wandering about to stretch your legs. Typically 20 minutes is permitted, but there are ways to increase this, by "lobbying at the table." Request an out button while you eat dinner at the table. Once you have finished, you have an additional 20 minutes to walk off that meal. Return to the table, play one or two hands to reset the clock and then wander off to chat with one of the waitresses for an additional 20 minutes. When you return, post only one of your blinds. If the dealer reminds you that you missed both, ask incredulously, "how much!?" Request an out button again while you watch your own game from the rail.Or better yet go off and play Pai Gow. There is no rule that you can't play in more than one game at a time.

is generally prohibited except that spouses are encouraged to share chips when one is getting low on funds. There is also the custom of the lucky chip. Whenever you win a pot, it is customary to toss a lucky chip to each of your friends or to the chip leader. That person should immediately acknowledge your generosity by rolling a lucky chip back to you. Sometimes you can get everyone rolling chips to each other.

Whenever any deuce flops, loudly exclaim, "doooces never loooses!" or "Acey Deucey Never Loosey." You just cannot say it often enough. It is just as clever the thousandth time you hear it. Many hands in Holdem have cute widely known names such as "Big Slick" or "Heinz57", "Broderick Crawford" and even the "Montana Banana." But there was a time before these hands had names - someone had to name them, why not you? It is perfectly acceptable to christen hitherto unnamed hands with whatever strikes your fancy. Example: "Hooks-n-crooks" for Jacks and Sevens. Use your imagination. Any two cards could be "The Big 'W'". Obscurity and pithiness is what you are striving for. Even Mike Caro suggests that feigning insanity can help your table image.

Exist on either side of the dealers and are reserved for smokers who are just joining the game. It is OK to smoke while seated there, but if noticed you must hold the cigarette an extra foot further away from the table. Notice that if you smoke standing up, you are not violating the rule.

Toking, or tipping the dealer is a personal decision. Since dealers often claim that they are not at fault when they ruin your hand on the river, by symmetry they are equally not responsible when you win. They cannot have it both ways. So why bother? Tipping should be considered charity that you might give a pathetic homeless person. If you do tip, ask for a receipt.Another way to appear generous and look like a tipper, is after winning a big pot, just ask the dealer if you toked him. Often he will not remember. There - you just saved some money. If he says no, ask him if he's sure. If he still insists, say you are pretty sure that he's wrong and that you already toked him, but that you'll be certain to get him next time.

Tablecops are sniveling irritating players usually heavily stuck and imagines that it is his or her responsibility to point out every minor infraction such as folding out of turn, or showing hands to other players still in the hand or using a 2-way radio to communicate with ones partner. If you should be unlucky enough to find one of these sanctimonious holy-rollers at your table, a simple reminder such as, "Just because you are losing doesn't mean we can't have fun here" should suffice to reset the mood. Ask the dealer if you can have the whiner's seat when he busts out.

If you follow this advice, you will quickly gain the respect and admiration of all the regulars and you just might increase your expectation by a bet or two. Bet? Who bet? Is it on Me?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

September Results

Tournaments + Sit & Go's: -$291.35
Ring Games: -$629.02
Live: +$35.00
Total: -$885.37 (OK, guess I can't quit my day job yet!)

Current Recommendation - Play the 180 man S&G's on PokerStars.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Register for WRGPT16

Played in this last year & it was fun. Most time you'll ever have to make poker decisions!

Registration for WRGPT16 has opened. You can register at:

The deadline for registration will be October 20, 2006.

The practice round will start about October 9. The real tourney will start about two weeks later. So, register if you are interested in playing this year.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

August Results

Tourneys: -499
Ring: -243
Live: +444

Total: -298

Thoughts: Last September was my 1st big month, beginning with taking 1st of 250 in a $20 MTT for $1500 on 9/6/05 so here's hoping this September is a repeat!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July Results

Ring Games: +893.20
Tournaments: -623.63
Live: +970.00
Total: +$1239.57

Is it good or bad that I am getting better @ cash games, but worse @ tournaments????

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Home HORSE! (Copied from Khan's Blog)

Friday night we did a home game at Smboatdrinks (<----Mike`s) house.

Bill (Illinifan) and Dave (dlpimpin) attended as well.
If it weren`t for the freaky roads and me getting lost there and back, it`s about a half hour drive. I was excited cause the first game was a HORSE tournament! I`d never played one live, and I thought the dealing would get interesting. Fo sho it did. Even for me and Dave, who were at the same table, we kept dealing two cards in o8.. pausing... oh damn here`s two more!The first round, limit HE, went smoothly, well if you call me doing my "disappearing chip" act smoothly it did. By the second round, O8, I hadn`t won a hand. In fact, I didn`t win a pot or the blinds until the SECOND FULL ROUND! And when I did, it was in o8 and I only got half thanks to Dave... ty Dave.

There weren`t too many hands to mention this first game. It was hard enough making sure everyone knew how to play each game.. hell even me keeping it straight was tough.I finally had to make my stand in o8 with Ah2hJc4c, but ANDY (oneloosecannon) in the BB called with his KTT3 and made a boat with his K3.. no low. He even got a twofer taking myself and the other short stack out that hand. GG Andy.

Bill made it to the "final table" with a crapload of chippies along with Dave. I didn`t keep full tabs on this table, I went out and chatted with the girls and watched Mike`s brazillian TVs he had set up down there. It was like a freakin sports bar! But I do know that Andy took good care of my chippies because Andy ended up winning!

Next game was NLHE and went much nicer for me. It was only one table. Mike took an early lead taking his wife (Molly) out the first hand, but I don`t think Molly minded. We had a LIMIT game start at 7pm.. I think it was after 12 when we started the 2nd game. Bill also took an early lead, but I was slow n steady coming in 3rd for $20 making me break even for the night. Mike ended up splitting w 2nd, but he had a pretty massive chip lead.

Overall, I had a great time and can`t wait for the next one! I always enjoy meeting fellow forumers and playin some good ol poker with people that actually know how to play the game!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

June Results

June Totals:

Live: + $9.00
Tournament: -$298.31
Ring: +$536.75
Total: $247.44

Biggest Win:
40K Gaurantee
$20 + 2
11th of 2423

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I suck @ 7-Card Stud!

Definitely the week spot in my HORSE game.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 9962120

Here's what you can win...

(1) World Series of Poker Main Event Seat (worth $12,000!)

(8) World Series Of Poker $1,500 Certificates For Any Event

(1) $1,000 Online Heads-Up Match With Team PokerStars' Wil Wheaton

(10) $370 Seat In The PokerStars WSOP 150-Seat Guaranteed Tournament

(20) 4GB iPod Nano

(10) $215 Seat In Sunday Million

(4) PokerStars Letterman's Jacket

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How not to get too cute w/KK, especially @ a Final Table!

FullTiltPoker Game #676697052: $12,500 Guarantee (4334207), Table 22 - 800/1600 Ante 200 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:08:45 ET - 2006/05/30
Seat 1: Bust da Nuts (60,276)Seat 2: kqball (8,050)
Seat 3: CaptinJ (17,247)
Seat 5: psufire (17,434)
Seat 6: thetruth27 (32,719)
Seat 7: Hammer Claws (67,749)
Seat 8: TRITON54 (44,580)
Seat 9: SmBoatDrinks (56,445)
Bust da Nuts antes 200
kqball antes 200
CaptinJ antes 200
psufire antes 200
thetruth27 antes 200
Hammer Claws antes 200
TRITON54 antes 200
SmBoatDrinks antes 200
psufire posts the big blind of 1,600
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SmBoatDrinks [K♠][K♦]
thetruth27 calls 1,600
Beaudawg (Observer): nice game all
Beaudawg (Observer): good luck
SmBoatDrinks: gg
Hammer Claws raises to 4,800
TRITON54 folds
Hammer Claws: gg
psufire: gg
SmBoatDrinks calls 4,800
Bust da Nuts folds
kqball folds
CaptinJ folds
psufire folds
thetruth27 calls 3,200
*** FLOP *** [J♦][J♣][8♥]
thetruth27 checks
Hammer Claws checks
unique1c111 (Observer): hammer u gonna win this
SmBoatDrinks bets 9,000
thetruth27 raises to 27,719, and is all in
Hammer Claws folds
SmBoatDrinks calls 18,719
thetruth27 shows [10♦][J♥]
SmBoatDrinks shows [K♠][K♦]
*** TURN *** [J♦][J♣][8♥] [6♥]
*** RIVER *** [J♦][J♣][8♥][6♥] [6♦]t
hetruth27 shows a full house, Jacks full of Sixes
SmBoatDrinks shows two pair, Kings and Jacks
thetruth27 wins the pot (73,038) with a full house, Jacks full of Sixes
*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 73,038 Rake 0Board: [J♦][J♣][8♥][6♥][6♦]
Seat 1: Bust da Nuts folded before the Flop
Seat 2: kqball folded before the Flop
Seat 3: CaptinJ (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: psufire (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: thetruth27 showed [10♦][J♥] and won (73,038) with a full house, Jacks full of Sixes
Seat 7: Hammer Claws folded on the Flop
Seat 8: TRITON54 folded before the Flop
Seat 9: SmBoatDrinks showed [K♠][K♦] and lost with two pair, Kings and Jacks

Friday, May 26, 2006

HH Works via WPT Fan 1st..... no

Bad Fold by me here?

Paid top 7, with the winner getting a seat. We were down to 2 tables. Pre-flop action had me thinking someone had KK or AA .......FullTiltPoker Game #545883540: WPT Championship Qualifier (3270969), Table 10 - 600/1200 Ante 150 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:53:53 ET - 2006/04/04Seat 1: PearlJammed (7,739)Seat 2: FiddlerAK (71,609)Seat 3: eckie (9,007)Seat 4: PokerLB (2,314)Seat 5: msupimp (42,826)Seat 7: SmBoatDrinks (15,075)Seat 8: iamlucky2 (23,075)Seat 9: reerok (13,843)PearlJammed antes 150FiddlerAK antes 150eckie antes 150PokerLB antes 150msupimp antes 150SmBoatDrinks antes 150iamlucky2 antes 150reerok antes 150SmBoatDrinks posts the big blind of 1,200The button is in seat #5*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SmBoatDrinks [Q♦][Q♥]iamlucky2 foldsreerok raises to 3,150PearlJammed raises to 7,589, and is all inFiddlerAK foldseckie raises to 8,857, and is all inPokerLB foldsGheorge31 (Observer): good fold thenmsupimp foldsPearlJammed: #%&@PearlJammed: gg meRearviewMirror (Observer): PJ!!!!SmBoatDrinks has 15 seconds left to actPearlJammed: gl y'allSmBoatDrinks foldsreerok calls 5,707eckie shows [A♣][K♦]reerok shows [10♦][10♣]PearlJammed shows [9♦][9♥]*** FLOP *** [J♠][6♣][6♦]Gheorge31 (Observer): gl*** TURN *** [J♠][6♣][6♦] [2♦]*** RIVER *** [J♠][6♣][6♦][2♦] [5♦]eckie shows a pair of Sixesreerok shows two pair, Tens and Sixesreerok wins the side pot (2,536) with two pair, Tens and SixesPearlJammed shows two pair, Nines and Sixesreerok wins the main pot (25,167) with two pair, Tens and SixesPearlJammed stands upeckie stands up*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 27,703 Main pot 25,167. Side pot 2,536. Rake 0Board: [J♠][6♣][6♦][2♦][5♦]Seat 1: PearlJammed showed [9♦][9♥] and lost with two pair, Nines and SixesSeat 2: FiddlerAK folded before the FlopSeat 3: eckie showed [A♣][K♦] and lost with a pair of SixesSeat 4: PokerLB folded before the FlopSeat 5: msupimp (button) folded before the FlopSeat 7: SmBoatDrinks (big blind) folded before the FlopSeat 8: iamlucky2 folded before the FlopSeat 9: reerok showed [10♦][10♣] and won (27,703) with two pair, Tens and SixesI know hindsight is always 20-20, but how often do you lay down QQ pre-flop?Made the Final Table, but I ended up bubbling out in 8th........ meh

Didn't Play Yesterday

That's a rarity!

Let's see what a posted hand history looks like:

Full Tilt Poker Game #661984181: $17,000 Guarantee (4238470), Table 21 - 150/300 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:50:19 ET - 2006/05/24Seat 2: CMcAboy (18,605)Seat 3: fischy1 (4,690)Seat 4: SmBoatDrinks (7,145)Seat 5: TEAM MAN 1 (4,260)Seat 6: ccb523 (11,515)Seat 7: croatian0522 (4,370)Seat 8: gr8scott_o (9,708)Seat 9: sackass (11,135)CMcAboy antes 25fischy1 antes 25SmBoatDrinks antes 25TEAM MAN 1 antes 25ccb523 antes 25croatian0522 antes 25gr8scott_o antes 25sackass antes 25croatian0522 posts the small blind of 150gr8scott_o posts the big blind of 300The button is in seat #6*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SmBoatDrinks [Ks Js]sackass foldsCMcAboy foldsfischy1 foldsCMcAboy: nicecroatian0522: ill make it backSmBoatDrinks raises to 900TEAM MAN 1 foldsccb523 foldscroatian0522 foldsccb523: 8 4???gr8scott_o foldsUncalled bet of 600 returned to SmBoatDrinksSmBoatDrinks mucksSmBoatDrinks wins the pot (950)ccb523: wtf were u doin?*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 950 Rake 0Seat 2: CMcAboy folded before the FlopSeat 3: fischy1 folded before the FlopSeat 4: SmBoatDrinks collected (950), muckedSeat 5: TEAM MAN 1 folded before the FlopSeat 6: ccb523 (button) folded before the FlopSeat 7: croatian0522 (small blind) folded before the FlopSeat 8: gr8scott_o (big blind) folded before the FlopSeat 9: sackass folded before the Flop