Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donkey Island Recap Continued

Since we can't play on FTP or PS right now, I played on Bodog for the 1st time last night & cashed in the only tourney I played.

May as well continue w/the Donkey Island Recap. After 3 events we were down to 13 players, and 6 on team fish.

Here was the 1st email from Hoy to me, xkm, and VJ:

Hey Guys.
I may not be available until sometime pretty late on Wednesday, so I just thought I would check in about Wednesday night's Dank tournament in Survivor Poker. It seems obvious that we should vote out Dawn Summers if we are once again forced to submit ourselves to an elimination vote, as Dawn has yet to show up for a single event of the series. Although surely this is how the game is played, both Numb and Al have acted like total babies upon being voted out so far, so I don't want anyone to feel coerced with respect to who we decide to vote for as a group. If anyone wants to take out someone other than Dawn, just email back and let me know. As long as we will vote as a group, I am down for voting for anyone, but Dawn does seem like the natural answer to me given her lack of participation so far in the tournament series.
In any event, I am really hoping Team Fish can make a better showing Wednesday night in the Dank. Each of us has won blogger tournaments before, so I know we all know how to get this done. Let's all make a commitment to playing a little tighter than we have been early and try to stick around at least until the stacks get a little larger. Other than that first Goat tournament, I have been a non-factor in the last few events, and I definitely plan to change that on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get a few of us to the final table and make things interesting after really getting lambasted by those Donkeys the past couple of weeks.
Best of luck on Wednesday! Long live Team Fish! Just three more elimination votes during Team Play -- we can survive if we all stay together till then, and especially if we can squeak out a win or two in these last three Survivor Poker tournaments.

So we had our plan..... or so we thought! Dawn ended up winning the immunity bounty by knocking out Wolfshead. Xkm is the 1st to send an email asking the obvious question:

Dawn gets immunity... now what?

Hoy is the next to reply:

its gotta be iaatg, right? hes the only one left outside of our alliance, which really seems to be working. are we agreed?

Turtle (iaatg) was one of the contestants I was in contact w/via AIM. When he asked me what the plan was I told him Hoy wanted to vote him out but I didn't want to do it. Xkm and Turtle were tight, so I got this email from Xkm:

Dude, Turtle says you're talking about wacking Hoy... are you just playing Turtle, or really thinking about Hoy?

At this point the tourney was still going on & we were trying to win it so we didn't have to vote anybody off. Hoy & VJ went out 1st & logged off/went to be assuming we were sticking with our original plan B of voting turtle. I replied to xkm:

No, I'm considering it if I could get a couple more votes for him. I'm not happy that he slammed us in his post.

Now, this is where a little explanation is needed. Hoy had done the "best" job of posting on his blog during the Donkey Island contest. What rubbed me & some of my other fish teammates the wrong way was that Hoy basically said all the good players, besides him, were over on team donkey. I mean wtf? Even if that's your opinion, why would you put that on your blog for all to see & possibly piss off your own teammates? So here was Xkm's response to me:

I'm down with it. He's gotta go at some point; I was hoping we'd run a little better during team play and wack him at the merge, but I'm fine with sending him home tonight if we lose. Should we consider that a plan?

So I sent a quick email to Dawn:

Congrats on the Immunity!
Can we get you to vote for Hoy tonight if we don't win?
A few of us are not happy that he slammed us in his post.

She responded right away:

Lol hell fucking yeah. I have a standing vote for hoy in with buddy dank!

So, not sure what the history is between those 2, but we had the votes we needed to take Hoy out if need be. I tried to IM VJ to let her know the change in plans, but she was off for the night & didn't get my message til the next day. The bombshell was dropped at the end of the tourney & when Buddy sent out his email:

Team Fish loses another one. Not sure if it helped to have a bounty on everyone's head due to Alcanthang's doing. Some people vent their anger on the internet and some people get even with the people that wronged them. Thanks for making this so much fun everyone!
Hoyazo - 4
Turtle - 1
VeryJosie - 1
Hoyazo is the next player voted off Donkey Island.
Team Fish is not looking so hot, having only 5 players left compared to the 7 Donkeys still in the game. The Fish really need to step up if they don't want to be extra short handed when the tribes merge. 2 more team events left.

So, even though I had survived another week, the team #'s were not looking too good. A couple days later I got this email from VJ"

Hi Boaty,
Merge is almost here. After Wednesday we won't have the numbers and we'll get picked off one at a time if we stay as we are. Are you ready to make a move? We can secretly align with 2 Donk members - we'll be 4 strong....they'll make sure it's us that don't get voted off and in the end - we'll protect them. Are you interested?
I plan on honoring my alliance with you regardless. It was my first alliance and I'm keeping it. But this can be a good opportunity for us.
You, me, JamyHawk and Jordan (high on poker). Obv Goat, Kat, and Heff know nothing of this and it has to be kept that way, as the plan is for them to get screwed by Jordan and Jamy before it happens to them.
Are you in?
Please say yes! We don't have alot of other options and you know they'll have made enemies and we really haven't. Perfect when it comes to voting at the end, if one of us is still in it then.
Reply with 3 letters: Y-E-S

Now whenever we start aligning w/members of the other team it makes me nervous, but at this point it seemed like the prudent thing to do. This was made even more clear when we lost the next event & voted Dawn off. We were down 7-4 heading into the last team event & things were looking bleak. We did manage to win the next event, but team donkey voted off Jordan (HighOnPoker), so that didn't really help either. We merged 4 team fish & 6 team donkeys. I get this email from VJ:

It's time to make a move and I hope you'll do this with me. We have 4 votes and Team Donk has 6. We can play russian roulette Sunday night and see who they decide to pick off or we can make a move.
I think we can get 2 members (still waiting for confirmation from one) to join forces with us. We'll be 6 strong against Goat's 4 votes. We vote either Goat or Heff out and pick team Donk off one at a time. This guarantees us down to the final 6.
Is it risky? Yes, but we have the possibility of getting it done Sunday night, we may not afterwards as we'll be depleted by one member fo sho. I think the smartest thing is to be proactive. We have to stick together as a team though.
I'm making you all the promise that I will stick with you guys and I intend to keep it. We can be final 4 and bring the defectors with us for final 6. Are you up for the move? Take out Goat?
We definitely have one member and I'm waiting on word from the other. Worst case, we're 5 against 5. This is the only time we'll be close to even. I say take a chance. Let me know what you think. I say it's all of us or nothing. If everyone doesn't wanna do it, I'm dropping it entirely and hope for the best Sunday night.
Think about it and let me know.

I said I was in & xkm did the same. Then we got this email from VJ"

Hello guys!
Great news! We have Muhctim with us 100% and as you know we also have JamyHawk. That makes us 6 strong so long as we vote as a team. Plan is to vote for Goat and if he has immunity Heff. If any of you wants to nominate someone else for the vote just let me know - I'm all ears. I'll vote for whoever you guys want, so long as it ain't us.
Lets kick some butt tonight.

Again, I was nervous, and Buddy always reads the votes in the most dramatic way. Here was his summary:

It was a dark day on Donkey Island. Even though JuliusGoat merged from the stronger of the two teams, he was ceremonially voted out last night. We continue to have shocking dismissals and some alliances seem to be unknown. Fun Fun Fun. Keep it up!

Katitude won immunity by running the deepest of all the contestants.

Julius Goat - 6
Smboatdrinks - 3
Numbbono - 1*

*someone may have not voted since there were already enough votes to kick off Goat. Normally votes go to the player who didn't vote but when that player has immunity votes automatically go to Numb.(new rule)

Peace out

Wow, on one hand this was terrific news as Team Donkey really did split. They could have just picked us 4 team fish off 1 by 1 til it was just the 6 of them left. On the other hand I did get 3 votes from the team donkey strongholds, so I couldn't rest too easy. The next email we got from VJ was:

Hi Guys!!! We did it! We now have the majority and we need to figure out who the next person is that we vote for.
See email below and tell me what you think.
I was hoping we could vote off Heff and JamyHawk would vote with us, but it seems from the email below that he's not really with us.
Should we vote Heff off next or JamyHawk? I can go either way so let me know what you guys think. Even without Jamy we are 4 plus our friend from Team Donk makes 5. 9 peeps left and we have 5 WITHOUT JAMY. We have the majority even without Jamy so long as we stay together.

So who do you think we should vote for? Heff? Jamy? Kat?

Then this one:

Okay boys, word on the street is that JamyHawk is targeting Team Fish tomorrow night. He's trying to rally Team Donk for this and he wants me to go along. He says either iaatg or xkm.
I remain resolute that our best chance is to stay together. We FINALLY have the numbers in our favor so let's keep it like that.
I am now thinking get rid of Jamy Wed night who is def back with Team Donk, even though Heff is more of a threat poker wise. Whichever, we have to remain together in our vote.
Jamy Hawk?
If we vote him out, we still have us 4 fish, plus a very nice ex team donk member. We'll still have 5.

At this point I started thinking about the end game. Who do we need to take out that has the best chance of winning it all. I like Kat, but thought she would win a popularity vote if she made it to the final 2. So I replied:

Hey guys,

After thinking about it today I thought Kat might be our best vote next, but I can go for any of the former Donks if we still have the #'s and stick with our plan. I think we rattled them with the Goat vote. Let's keep them on their heels!

Stay together!


VJ was down with it:

I agree with Boat. Let's vote off Kat - Jamy still doesn't get xkm or iaatg and he may just rethink his plan now that Kat's gone.
I vote Kat!

Then I get this email from Jammy:

You wont go tonight. Or anytime soon as long as I can help. I explained to VJ that with us 4 voting together, no one can overtake our votes. We can go all the way to final 4.

You only got votes Sunday because Goat knew you and VJ are in an alliance and wanted to break it up.

We are good now. Kat is guaranteed getting our votes on Sunday.


So kat was voted off next, but I still got 2 votes. Jamy was next, as he has well documented on his blog. HeffMike was next to go. We were down to 6, and our core of 4 team fish seemed to be strong. That quickly changed during the voting in the next event as you can see from Buddy's email:

Our vote ended in a TIE!!! Finally!
Smboatdrinks - 3
BrainMc - 3

They will be playing a heads up match tomorrow night at 9pm EST. I'll announce the winner when we know more!

I already made a post after the heads up match, so no need to rehash it here. Let's just say I survived and advanced in true Survivor form. So we were down to our Final 5, our original team fish alliance + Muhctim. Since xkm and turtle had turned on us they were the obvious ones to vote next, so turtle was next to go. During the next event Muhctim won immunity, but instead of sticking w/me & VJ, he voted w/xkm for VJ. VJ won her heads up match vs xkm and we were down to the final 3!

This was the most critical tourney, as the winner got immunity & was thus automatically in the Final 2. I put a bounty of $11 on both VJ and Muhctim if someone knocked them out before I was out. Muchtim got knocked out by Jamy, so it was down to me & VJ to see who won immunity. Now obviously VJ and I had our alliance since the very beginning & had promised to take each other to the Final 2. But this game messes with your head & you don't know what players have "promised" each other. VJ ended up outlasting me, but she did stick with her promise, and original alliance, and took me to the final 2. I would have taken her too, both because I had promised, but also because I thought it gave me the best chance of winning!

Very Josie played the game extremely well, but I thought I was going to win the final vote. In playing the game I think Very Josie rubbed some people the wrong way, so I was hoping to capitalize on that in the final vote. As we know I lost 7-6, and in addition to Riggs not getting his vote in on time, the 2 votes Josie got instead of me that suprised me the most were Jamy and Muhctim. Now I believe it was Jamy who said afterward that he would have voted for me if VJ had run the longest in the last tourney & thus winning the 40%. I guess I can appreciate that in that he wanted to be sure neither of us got shut out of the prize money, but it's frustrating to know I would have been champion of Donkey Island Season 1, and won the 60% if I had gone out before VJ.

Regardless it was a great run & tons of fun. Thanks again to Goat & Buddy!


jamyhawk said...

First of all, great recap. It's still fun to read about what was happening behind the scenes.

I actually did NOT say I would base my vote on who went out first. I hated that VJ double crossed me, but it was my feeling that she was calling the shots most of the time (even though I may have been wrong). That's why I voted for her.

You both played a great game. That's why I asked who initiated the plan to vote me out. When your answers indicated it was VJ, I knew she was the one I had to vote for.


Josie said...

Great recap. FWIW I really didn't think you'd get close to as many votes as you got. I put you on a few.