Friday, April 01, 2011

Survivor Donkey Island Finale

We are down to the Final 2 contestants from the original 16 in the inaugural season of Survivor Donkey Island........ and yes it's me vs Very Josie! Against long odds, 2 from Team Fish made it to the end.

1st of all thanks to Buddy Dank for running this crazy show & to Julius Goat for getting it all started.

If you want to be a part of the action for this last event then sign up now, everyone is welcome to play!
Full Tilt Poker
9:30 PM ET
This Sunday April 3rd
.10 NL Rebuy for 1st 30 minutes
Password is survive

And yes, you can listen to the live broadcast of the tourney on Buddy Dank Radio.

I haven't been able to document on here all the behind the scenes activity, for some obvious, and maybe not so obvious reasons. Let's just say I'll have a rather lengthy summary of the whole series after the conclusion.

Here is how the Prize Pool will be divided:
* Final event. When there are only 2 players left, the contestant who lasts longest in the final event will receive 40% of the prize pool.
* Prize vote. The 14 previously eliminated contestants will vote on which of the 2 players should receive the remaining 60% of the prize pool.

So on Sunday I could end up with 0%, 40%, 60%, or 100% of the $320 prize pool depending on how things go. Since I've decimated my online roll recently, I am hoping for the 100% choice!

Honestly I like my chances, but you never know how someone is going to vote, especially the Team Donkey members. To that point, each of the other 14 contestants is allowed to ask me & VJ 1 question. So you can tune in to Buddy Dank Radio to hear our answers!

Hope to see you Sunday & wish me luck!


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Josie said...

I will not wish you luck! I will send you virtual hugs and kisses though.