Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January Poker Summary - A Not So Happy New Year

The Good:

1. I made Iron Man for the 2nd consecutive month. Bronze for Jan, as Silver was well within my grasp, but just got a little burned out the last few days. Not really sure if Iron Man is worth it, in and of itself. I have always chosen the freeroll(s), but are the medals more +EV?

2. I did complete my $50 bonus for being Silver Iron Man in December.

3. I took 2nd place in the January NCPC Event #6, and am still in 1st place with 4 events to go. The top 3 win WSOP entries to a $1500 event + $700 in travel money.

4. I finished both Daniel Negreanu’s Power Hold’Em Strategy and Jeff Hwang’s Pot-Limit Omaha Poker. I am currently reading Secrets of Short-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha by Rob Hollink and Rolf Slotboom.

5. February is filled up with live poker tourneys!

6. I won SCOOP tickets in all 3 of the WBCOOP tourneys I was able to play in! This is awesome, as I had $0.01 in my PokerStars account, so hopefully I can turn my $11, $22, and $33 tickets into something of a bankroll on PS! And then there was this, which almost made the month worth it.......

Hello SmBoatDrinks,

Thank you for participating in WBCOOP 2010 - we hope you enjoyed the experience!

This is just a quick email to inform you that you have been credited $1.58 from the player 'MI_Turtle'. He kindly offered to share $1000 amongst all the players that outlasted him in the WBCOOP Main Event. His final finishing position of 635th place meant the $1000 was divided between the top 634 players.

If you have any questions regarding this unusual prize, please let us know.




The Bad:

1. Ferguson Challenge Update – I started January with $2,633.87, and finished with $1,938.02. Has anyone other than Chris ever successfully completed this before by using his bankroll management rules? It is not easy, as when you can play at the higher levels the downswings can be brutal.

2. I was down $564.49 in PLO in Jan. OK, so maybe I’m not quite ready to dominate $1/$2 PLO or PLO8. Have done better recently @ .50/$1 PLO8.

3. I am playing in the WRGPT again this year. My current stack is $6,950, which puts me in 649th place. There are 655 players left. I was outkicked on top pair a couple hands ago. We started on November 17th with 1016 runners crawlers.

4. I’ve wanted to get back to the Hollywood Casino to try some PLO cash game action, but the timing hasn’t been good yet. The do have the WPT Hollywood Open in March, and I am eyeing the PLO8 tourney on March 13th.


BLAARGH! said...

hey, congrats on the stars tickets.

As for the ferguson thing... I'm still crawling along at $3200, big swings from playing the rush tables. I'm assuming I'll reach 10k at some point this year, it's been going on long enough!

The big difference is that ferguson already knew how to play when he started so it must have been pretty easy for him to get to 10k when the buyins got bigger.

Good luck!

SmBoatDrinks said...

Thanks Blaargh!

I would like to know the breakdown of games played by Chris on his way to 10K (cash vs tourneys & levels, etc.). How much of his 10K net profit came from what.

I'm thinking I should focus on tournaments more so than cash games, but the time commitment is an issue........

BLAARGH! said...

From what I remember, he won his signature tourney (the $1) then played a ton of cash. He shot up pretty quick after hitting the tourney score.

Here, I looked up the michael craig articles for ya... and funny enough his latest articles are about bankroll management...




lightning36 said...

Great job ib WBCOOP!