Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!!

We got in Sunday morning in were able to check into the IP. Unloaded our stuff & headed to the Venetian. We were going to play in their regular noon tourney for ~$150, but they have the Deep Stacks going & $1070 would have blown our bankroll a little early. We met up with the Neumann's & they drove us all down to Binions. Dave , Illinifan, and I played in the $160 NL Hold'em Tourney that started @ 2:00 PM. No cashes for the 3 of us & it was off to the $1-$3 PLO8 cash game table. This table rotated PLO & PlO8 every orbit. I ended up $81.

On Monday we had the breakfast of champions @ BK, & then took the monorail up to MGM. I usually have pretty decent luck in the cash games there. We played 1-2 NL Hold'em. I sat down w/$200 & walked away with $500. It's better to be lucky than good, as I hit a 2 outer on the river to win a big pot early to get me rolling. IlliniFan had his Aces cracked by a flopped Royal Flush! With my winnings I paid for the cab down to Binions & we registered for the $210 PLO8 tourney. IlliniFan picked 215 runners. I took the under for a $5 prop bet. We ended up with 207, woot!! I went out ~ 100, while IF managed a nice deep run & cashed in 17th for $310. We've got 10% of each other in tourneys we play together, so I'll take the $9.50!

After I got knocked out of the PLO8 tourney sat down & 1-2NL w/$200 & moved to the PLO8 table with ~ $175. Was up & down when I lost it all on a hand, needing a small club on the river for a scoop & it bricked.

Today after breakfast @ McD's we were back @ the MGM for some more 1-2 NL before the 11:00 AM $65 NL tourney. I ended up $31, and IF got his aces cracked again, this time by a set of 7's. I was bubble boy in the tourney, finishing 11th, when my J10 steal of the blinds attempt was snapped of by KK. IF ended up making the Final Table & agreeing to a 4-way chop where he got $790. Woot! $70 for me, paid for my buy in!!!

Planning on hitting the Hard Rock tonight if we don't grill out w/Virge & Lusky.

Tomorrow is the $210 HORSE tourney @ Binions.

If IF has another nice cash he's gonna play in the $1500 PLO8 WSOP event on Thursday.

Wish us luck the rest of the week!



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