Tuesday, March 01, 2011

End of February Poker Summary

The Good:
- Made Iron Man Bronze
- Still alive in Survivor Donkey Island. Started w/16 and we are down to 11 players. Come join us on Sunday & Wednesday nights!
- Up $39.78 in NLO8 Ring Games

The Bad:
- Down to ~ $600 in the Ferguson Challenge.
- Down $24.86 in NL Hold'em Tournies
- No live games

The Ugly:
- Down $147.97 in Omaha Tournies


Josie said...

See you tonight baby. Bring your A game, cuz we have some work to do.

BLAARGH! said...

You scared me for a second - I got you confused with another guy that was up to about 3k... down to under 600 would be pretty sick (though I managed to do it last year)
I'd say stay away from the Omaha tournies for the time being... :)

Good luck!