Monday, June 14, 2010

6 Days til Las Vegas!!!

We are now a week away from Las Vegas and my 1st WSOP event. Getting updates from friends that are already playing in events has elevated my anticipation for next week. I spent all weekend dealing for our school/chuch festival and there was definitely a wide range of talent, mostly on the scary bad side.

Looking forward to meeting up w/lightning, CK, and some of the other bloggers while I'm out there. One of the best parts of the trip last year was getting to meet and play some live poker with TuscaloosaJohnny and 1Queens Up1

BLAARGH! - I'm saving the "going pro" post for after I return, hopefully with a couple big cashes!


Jeremy said...

1 Day til Vegas! Damn, we will just miss each other. Good luck!

BLAARGH! said...

Good luck out there! Come back with your pockets full of cash and a huge sunburn.

SmBoatDrinks said...

Thanks guys. It was a brutal week poker wise, but still a fun trip!