Saturday, May 01, 2010

April Poker Summary

Ferguson Challenge Update – I started March with $1,889.32 and finished with $370.85. Before you say, whoa, WTF happened, or how is that possible? After a bad session on Tuesday the 20th I decided to cash out $1500 while I could. This will allow me to play another WSOP event in June. I have booked my flights and hotel for the week of June 21st.

I am currently reading Cowboys Full by James McManus. This is basically the history of poker. It’s OK, but not as enjoyable a read as Positively 5th Street.

I am looking forward to playing at least 3 SCOOP events in May on PokerStars. Seem like a long time ago in January I won tickets in all 3 of the WBCOOP tourneys I was able to play in! The SCOOP start times are not exactly ideal for us working stiffs, but this is still a good opportunity, as I have $0.00 in my PokerStars account, so hopefully I can turn my $11, $22, and $33 tickets into something of a bankroll on PS!

I am still hosting $5 tourneys every Tue & Thur on FTP @ 21:10, so sign up for the Booze Cruise, the password is boatdrinks!


BWoP said...

I spoke with Fintan (bloggertournament at pokerstars dot com)

salwilliam said...

dang, I was hoping you'd say that the book was great. I was sort of looking forward to listening to it on tape like I did 5th street.