Friday, April 02, 2010

Out Like A Lion!

March Poker Summary

Ferguson Challenge Update – I started March with $1,735.91, and finished with $1,889.32. The reason it was a winning month was thanks to the last event I played. I chopped the $5.50 PLO8 tournament on March 31st for $259.17, technically 2nd of 277.

I finished second in event 9 of 10 of the NCPC for $85. The top 3 won WSOP entries to a $1500event + $700 in travel money. I have clinched 1st and am looking forward to the WSOP in June. Still not 100% sure of which event, but leaning towards the NL hold'em event on June 23rd.

I am currently re-reading Daniel Negreanu’s Power Hold’Em Strategy. I just ordered Cowboys Full by James McManus while sitting @ the same table with him on FTP.

I am out of the WRGPT.

I did play the PLO8 WPT tourney @ Hollywood on March 13th along with IlliniFan and Predator. I came in 30th, Illini 13th, and Pred 10th. They had 70 entries and paid 7. 1st place was $6700. Not sure now that I want to play the WSOP PLO8 event in June. Will probably just stick with NL Hold'em.

After I got knocked out of the tourney I headed to the Poker Room for some cash games. Started off with $200 @ 1-3 NL Hold'em. Ran it up to $650 on two big hands. The 1st one a KY fan flopped a set of Queens, but checked them on the flop. The turn gave me a flush draw and a gut shot straight draw so I called his $25 bet. The river gave me my flush & he called my $50 bet. The biggest pot I won was $650 I called a button raise w/AQ in the small blind and flopped Broadway. I check called the flop with 2 other players in, and then check raised it all in when a blank hit the turn. The 1st guy went into the tank for 10 minutes so I gave him the old stare down & he finally called. Guy #3 folded & guy #2 showed KJ for top 2. He told the dealer to pair the board, which she did, putting another 6 on the board, but my Broadway was still good. You should have been more specific sir!

I got on the list for 1-3-5 PLO, and cashed out my NL profit & sat down with $200 @ the PLO game. We were shorthanded the whole time I was there, as it was the feeder table for the main game. I played for ~ an hour & ran my stack up to ~ $350 when IlliniFan got knocked out of the tourney & was ready to head home. We chatted w/PMB a bit before heading out. All in all a good day!

I only worked off ~ $20 of my $100 bonus on FTP. Just wasn't very motivated to grind it out.


TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Hey, what is the NCPC? Congrats on the seat!

SmBoatDrinks said...

NCPC = Northern Cincinnati Poker Club. This is our 1st season. We have 20 members, play once a month for $50 & send 3 players to vegas for the WSOP.

Thanks! You gonna make it out this year?