Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November Poker Summary

• Ferguson Challenge Update – I started November with $186.49, and finished with $2494.77. Yes it was a good month! I found a tourney ($5.50 PLHA) that I had some nice successes in, placing 2nd ($95), 1st ($127.19), 1st ($148.85), and 2nd ($139.23). In addition, FTP is running a Holiday Hundred bonus promotion, with a max of $100 bonus available over a 30 day period. Thus, I’ve been playing more cash games, mostly 9-handed PLO. Halfway thru the bonus period I have cleared half the bonus for $50. I was up $130.52 for PLO cash games in November. The big bankroll jump took place when I took 2nd place on November 28th in the Daily Double A ($10 + 2) out of 1,521 players for $1771.97! Sure I got lucky in a few spots along the way, and I would have won 1st place if I hadn’t gotten 4-flushed on the river in our last hand heads up when my A5 hit a 5 on the flop vs his A3. So, what this means for the Ferguson challenge is I started the month being able to buy-in to cash games for $9, and ended the month being able to buy-in for $120! Obviously there is still a long way to go, but November 2009 should provide a big boost in my attempt to complete the Ferguson Challenge.

• I took 2nd place in the November NCPC Event #4, and am still in 1st place with 6 events remaining.

• I played in a $50 tourney @ a former co-workers house the day after Thanksgiving and ended up in a 3-way chop for $265. Gave back some of it afterward though playing $1/$2 Stud.

• On November 6th I checked out the new Hollywood Casino (former Argosy) for the 1st time. I played in a $125 NL Bounty Tournament. I knocked out a couple players for $20 each, but ended up missing on a straight flush draw and didn’t cash. The WPT Poker Room is definitely a lot bigger & nicer than the old one.

• I just completed Gus Hansen’s Every Hand Revealed and am halfway through Daniel Negreanu’s Power Hold’Em Strategy. I would recommend both, as they take different approaches toward improving your game.


nzgreen said...

Nice score in the Daily Double!

Hope the booze cruise is still going strong. I'll try and play over the Xmas break to see if I can hit some 2/3 outers to knock you out :)

BLAARGH! said...

Nice job!

I'm still slowly plodding along in my challenge... starting from scratch with 0 poker skills is a pain in the ass...

SmBoatDrinks said...

Thanks guys!

GL @ the tables......