Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Night Booze Cruise

Please join the fun crowd every Tuesday night on FTP!

Tournament Information
Tournament Name: Tuesday Night Booze Cruise
Password: BoatDrinks

Tournament Date: Weekly on Tuesday Nights
Tournament time: 9:10 pm Eastern (21:10)
Buy-in: 5.00 + .50 PL HA

The best of both games, Pot-Limit Hold'em and Omaha!

Let me know if you have any questions & hope to see you in the Pontoon Lagoon!


Memorable quotes for
"The Office"
Booze Cruise (2006)

Jim Halpert: Kevin, do you have any ideas where I should go on my vacation?
Kevin: You should go to hedonism.
Jim Halpert: Hedonism? What's that?
Kevin: I heard it's like Club Med, but everything is naked!

Michael Scott: In an office, manager ranks higher than captain. On a boat, who knows? It's nebulous.

Dwight Schrute: Don't worry Michael, I'm taking us to shore!
Michael Scott: It's a fake wheel, dummy.

Michael Scott: I see the sales department as a furnace.
Phyllis: A furnace?
Jim Halpert: How old is this ship?
Pam Beesley: How about the anchor?
Phyllis: What does the furnace do?
Michael Scott: Let's not get hung up about the furnace, it's just, I see the sales department are down there, they are in the engine room, and they are shoveling coal into the furnace, right? I mean, who saw the movie Titanic? They were very important in the movie Titanic. Who saw it? Show of hands.
Jim Halpert: Not really sure what movie you're talking about. Are you sure you got the title right?
Michael Scott: Titanic.
Pam Beesley: I think you're thinking of "The Hunt for Red October."


gadzooks64 said...

It's on the Pokerslut Calendar!

Good luck!

SmBoatDrinks said...

Thanks Zooks!