Thursday, October 26, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

With Election Day just around the corner, remeber to vote against any member of congress who voted for the Internet Poker Prohibition attached to the Port Security Bill.

If your not sure how your local rep voted, The PPA has a list at

Click on "Poker Vote"

We need to respond en mass as poker players, to get this law changed.

Although to be honest the law doesn't affect the legality of playing.

First, we should all join if we can spare $20.

Second, you should vote against candidates that snuck this bill through in an unrelated port security bill, while cutting out rail and mass transit security measures that the senate had passed.

Third, if you can afford it, you should contribute to their opponents

Senator Kyl was probably the biggest sponsor of the legislation, his opponent is Jim Pederson,

Frist isn't running for reelection, but it would be great if his seat was won by the other party, Harold Ford is the candidate to support there.

Another good candidate for poker players to support is Loebsack, running against Jim Leach. Here's a quote from Loebsack: "While the 2nd District loses jobs, Jim Leach can think of nothing more important to do than focus on Internet gambling."

We're talking about securing the future of online poker. Voting out the people who were most responsible for passing the recent bill.

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