Friday, September 29, 2006

Register for WRGPT16

Played in this last year & it was fun. Most time you'll ever have to make poker decisions!

Registration for WRGPT16 has opened. You can register at:

The deadline for registration will be October 20, 2006.

The practice round will start about October 9. The real tourney will start about two weeks later. So, register if you are interested in playing this year.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...


It's MJ, now that online poker is banned, how many nights a week do you want to go to the Argosy with me?

SmBoatDrinks said...

How many nights do I WANT to go??? 8 Days a week!

Seriously though, I think most people are over-reacting a bit, but time will tell.

MJ - Missed you in the Sunday night game last week!

grasshopp3r said...

I will get you again this year.